My name is Julia, and I love to create outfits.

The idea for The Greener Edit materialized as I learned about the fashion industry’s devastating impact on people, animals, and our planet.

I leaned into consignment and thrift stores online and in store, and I was blown away by what I found.

I discovered gorgeous pieces - some of which I couldn’t use. A perfect-condition DVF vintage wrap dress, not my size. Gucci mules in neon green, not quite my color. But I knew that for someone, these were the treasures missing from their wardrobe.

I began to imagine sharing my finds with other women who value beautiful things, with a more sustainable and conscious approach.

The way we consume fashion has to change, but it presents a bright opportunity. To slow down the ever-accelerating pace of trends, to appreciate what’s already here.

The only truly green purchase is the one that doesn’t happen. The Greener Edit offers the next best thing. Join me in leveraging the existing, and make it yours!